How We Work

Security Side Task Implementation Over View

Employment / Training



Former Tier 1 and Tier 2 Military and Police Personnel


Dual Nationality

Qualified and Experienced Dual passport holders, Libyan-European.


Full / Part Time: Highly Trained and Experienced local professionals and also has a Parallel Careers: In accordance with Libyan Law we also have a wide range of employees that work in government entities such as the ministry of interior, police, & army, these personnel are licensed to carry arms 24/7


SECURITY SIDE offers a wide range of armoured B6 and soft skin vehicles, fully equipped with bullet proof vests and first aid kits.


Security Side personnel are assigned accordingly and therefore always familiar with the area of operations, not only the concerned route or facility. After the team has been selected by our clients, they are put in coordination with the relevant security forces in the area of operations to establish a communications link, allowing an exchange of critical information regarding changes in the security environment.


Operational Awareness

Weekly reports completed by the each team supervisor and sent to our client’s management for evaluation and feedback. Our clients are always up to date with on the latest security procedures, staff and security environment measures. Daily schedules are posted and any incidents are reported immediately.

Dealing with authorities

Security Side maintains a strong working relationship with embassies, and private & government security teams throughout Libya, which allows us to have access to various resources from different government entities through mutual trust that has been built over a period of many years. We keep relevant government entities notified of our movements and can call on them for additional assistance whenever necessary

Employment/ Training

Libyan security personnel are trained by former military and police professionals that have decades of experience working in fluid environments such as Libya. Our personnel undertake regular training exercises in addition to an initial 3 month training program that utilizes a combination of classroom and practical on-the-job training. It includes tactical and procedural training on driving armoured vehicles, personal security escorting, static location guarding, perimeter patrolling, Libyan criminal law, English language, monitoring and surveillance. We also employ staff that have received previous military or private security training. Staff evaluations are conducted on a monthly basis, providing insight on the performance of every member. We also carry out random drug & alcohol testing to ensure strict adherence to our policies.

Transport Management

SECURITY SIDE provides comprehensive journey management plans to all of our clients which can be vary depending on the associated risks within a specific city or region; variations may include armored police escorts, soft skin lead vehicles, tactical distances from the main Mobile Security team clearing the main and alternate routes. The lead vehicle also monitors the environment prior to and during the trip, identifying hospitals and evacuation routes in case of emergency and also gathers critical local & tribal information.


Assistance in case of Emergencies

SECURITY SIDE’s Operations Room is located in the heart of Tripoli next to Tripoli Tower with an alternate Operations Room in Palm City. Both operations rooms closely monitor all ongoing operations. The Operations Rooms are in direct contact with all local security services across Libya in the unlikely event that we require additional support or encounter any difficulties during our daily operations.

Crisis Management plans

Clients transported to secure locations are provided with a 24/7 emergency number and if for any reason the client or security situation dictates, our QRF (Quick Reaction Force) can be deployed to retrieve them and then transport them to a secondary secure location that is determined during the initial planning, Evacuation and Crisis Management plans can be drafted by our security advisors upon request. These plans may include local police/army support.